Consulting Services Agreement

Between Invoice payer (“Client”)

And Advertis Sales and Marketing Company (“Consultant”)

P.O. Box 91995, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4S4

1. Consulting Services Provided
The consulting services to be provided by Consultant are Website services, Digital marketing services, lead generation, e-commerce, Email marketing, multimedia content generation services, data backup, training, procurement, integration, and troubleshooting of 3rd party supplier services and products on behalf of Client.

2. Responsibilities of Client
Client agrees to pay Consultant fees accrued hereunder within (30) days from the billing date, to be truthful to cooperate with Consultant and keep Consultant informed of Client’s address, email, phone number and whereabouts, and any relevant developments. In addition, Client agrees to provide Consultant access to online services to perform the consulting services, including but not limited to Domain registrar, Webhosting, social media account, and relevant email accounts. The Client is responsible for running tests, verifying, feedback, or confirming the consulting services. Client agrees that the consulting services are delivered whenever Client has no written feedback within five days of receiving each service completion notice email by Consultant.

3. Responsibilities of Consultant
Consultant agrees to keep Client informed of any relevant development to respond within a reasonable time to Client’s inquiries and perform the consulting services mentioned above. In addition, Consultant can provide services to procure, troubleshoot, upgrade or replace 3rd party supplier services and products acting on behalf of Client upon Client request. However, Consultant cannot guarantee or take responsibility of 3rd party supplier services and products delivery.

4. Consultant’s fee
Client shall pay Consultant for consulting services provided hereunder at an hourly rate of $50 per hour. Consultant’s fee shall be paid in advance by Client. According to Client’s requirement, charges shall be billed for every five, ten, or twenty hours of services. Charges shall be billed in increments of half an hour and round off to the nearest of an hour. Hourly fees and the terms of this service agreement hereunder may be changed upon written notice to Client or email to Client. Consultant has full ownership but no obligation to share with Client the technical settings, knowledge, and tools, including but not limited to the digital marketing campaigns management account, programming codes, web builder platforms, the access, the setup, and the management information requirements to execute this consulting services agreement. Client and Consultant have the option to agree on a buyout payment amount to Consultant to take full ownership of technical settings and tools upon Client’s request.

5. Expenses
“Expenses” shall include, but are not limited to, web hosting, Google Ads charges, Facebook Ads charges, Online service fees, software licenses, upgrades, tools, plug-ins, transaction fees, hourly service charges for 3rd party experts with unique specialty and any service fees to fulfill the consulting services mentioned above. In addition, Client shall be billed for any occurred expenses. Expenses shall be paid in advance by Client.

6. Discharge of Consultant
Client may discharge Consultant at any time by written notice to Consultant. The discharge shall be effective upon receipt. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Client shall be obligated to pay Consultant for all expenses advanced by Consultant and all accrued Consultant’s fees.

7. Consultant’s fees & Expenses in Action on Agreement
In Any action to enforce any provision of this agreement, the prevailing party will be awarded reasonable Consultant’s fees and expenses.

8. Governing Law
This agreement shall be subject to and interpreted according to British Columbia, Canada Law.

Understood, agreed, and Accepted
We have carefully reviewed this contract and agree to accept its terms and conditions by making the first payment. Accordingly, we are executing this agreement as of the payment date.